WELCOME TO Soyouf Alamer

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Working World Wide

Our future plan is to be the first and bigger general trading company in its field of selling car and heavy machinery.

We just established a new general trade company (UNION) in Basra south of Iraq (The oil city) specialist on vehicles and heavy machinery and generators maintenance and spare parts supply.

Our Objectives

Our Company main objectives

Soyouf Al–Amer for General Trading self support and has the moral personality and financial autonomy and administrative functions of the company have been identified under the rules of procedure as follows:

  • Sale of cars
  • Sale of Armored cars
  • Sale machinery and heavy equipment
  • Sale of fuel tankers , water and various kinds of trucks.
  • Building a network of external relations
  • Increased Sales of the company to become one of the largest general trading companies in Iraq.
  • Strengthen the company’s role in working with agencies and private sector institutions, government bodies and national organizations, NGOs and Oil companies.


Our Long and Power Strategy

Specialization and focusing Quality managementSolid, stable and long term partnership and continuousProfessionalism.